Viajar con tu perro en avión te lo contamos todo

travel by plane with a dog: we tell you everything

Whether we go on vacation and decide to travel by car with our dog, or if we are going to make a more important trip (traveling with a dog by plane to another country, for example),here we tell you everything you need to know in order to travel safe way.…

Perros y niños una relación sana y feliz portada (1) (1)

Dogs and children: a healthy and happy relationship

Creating a good relationship between dogs and children is fundamental for any family. At DogVibes, we keep in mind that there is nothing better than our children are raised with our dog. We hope they get along so well that for our children it's a unique experience and that they…

10 claves para conseguir una buena socialización en cachorros/ socialize your dog

10 tips to socialize your dog the right way

The stage of socialization in dogs is one of the most important. This stage begins when our puppy is 3 weeks old and ends when it reaches 12 weeks. In this stage of socialization, our dog learns how to behave with other dogs, people or animals around it, as well…

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