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Can I do exercises that have not gone out in the Coach?

Ideally you follow a Planning Organized so that your dog can evolve favorably in the exercises. That’s why, sor You can do the exercises that go unlocking the Coach depending on the evolution and needs of your dog. If you do other exercises for which your dog is not yet

Can I reset/restart my workout?

You can restart the dog training you want From your profile settings.

How can I use DogVibes if I have more than 1 dog?

If you have more than 1 dog and want to train with all of them, you have to create a different account for each dog.

I can’t find my dog’s race when I set up his profile.

If the race of your dog is not among which the application shows to select Contact support@dogvibes.app and we’ll find a solution.

I can’t find the option to change a password.

S orYou will find the option to change password if you registered in the application with an email. If you made the registration through Facebook or Google will not find the option to change it, since you do not need password to log in.

I have a question and I can not find an answer in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Write us and we will help you! If your question is about some technical issue of the application, write to us at support@dogvibes.com. For any other enquiries we will help you in info@dogvibes.com

I subscribe to the training plan and in the exercises section I get some blocked

The exercises will be unlocked as you progress through the DogVibes Coach.

I’ve finished doing the exercises the coach has sent me for this week, what can I do?

You can train the exercises performed to date in the EXERCISE section.

Is DogVibes suitable for all dogs? Can my dog do all the exercises?

DogVibes is designed so that all dogs can do the exercises. If your dog has mobility problems and can not do some exercise, in tips you have alternatives for them.

My dog has a serious behavioral problem. Can I use DogVibes?

You can use DogVibes With any dog, but very serious problems should be contacted by a professional. If you have any questions write us to info@dogvibes.app And we’ll analyze your case.

My subscription plan has expired Will I lose all the progress made with my dogs?

We will save all your progress in the application, and if you want to use our DogVibes Coach you will continue from where you had stayed. If when renewing we see that you take a lot without training with your dog (s), we will also offer you the option to

The Coach proposes an exercise in which material is needed, but I have it can I continue training?

Of course! If you do not have material to do the exercise go through the Tips section. There you will find alternatives so that you can continue doing all your exercises, Even if you don’t have all the materials.

When I do the exercises with my dog do not leave the same as in the videos, can I continue advancing?

Of course! Keep moving and enjoying. The aim of DogVibes Is that you fun together and mejoréis your bond. Try to do the exercises as best as possible in your own way, and if you have any questions you can send us a video info@dogvibes.app

Why does the application ask me for permission to access photos, media content and files from my device?

The application needs these permissions so you can select a picture of your dog from the files on your device and use it as a profile photo. If you want, you can deny these permissions and we will use a default image to The Profiles of Your registered dogs.

Why in the EXERCISES section I only have some exercises unlocked?

The exercises of that section that you have unlocked are those that you have already practiced with the Coach DogVibes in your weekly training. As you progress in the Coach and you are making new ones, these will be unlocked in the EXERCISES section so that you can repeat and

Why, when I finish my training week, does Coach DogVibes sometimes tell me what to expect and others unlock me the following week?

If you do all the exercises of the week in less than 7 days, Coach Dogvibes will tell you what to expect to start with the exercises next week. This is necessary so as not to saturate our dog friends with too many exercises. But if you want to continue

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