Behind this community of DogVibes We are Patricia, Rubén, Cristian, Irene and Marcos. A team of people united by the love of animals and the illusion of promoting a project that helps the dogs of today’s society to have good physical and emotional health.

Each one of us plays a role within DogVibes. And the work of each one adds value to the team, getting to function as a perfect gear that keeps alive the development of a project that we are passionate about.

Everything was born as an idea of Patricia and Rubén, professional canine educators of long trajectory and firm defenders of a learning that teaches the dogs to solve situations working also their emotional state, making them have a proactive attitude. For years of experience working with dogs they were increasingly aware of the lack of stimuli and the monotony that suffer day by day our animals. They are the CEO of DogVibes and the content developers of the coaching and the tips for your dogs. They know their needs perfectly and have dumped all their experience and knowledge in our application. It is impressive the value content they have given to DogVibes and they want to share with you.

Cristian is our CTO and the manager of the application is so attractive and intuitive for the users. He met Ruben and Patricia, loved the project they had in mind, and joined as DogVibes technology Manager. He managed to translate all the knowledge and experience of Ruben and Patricia into computer language and the result in sight is… it’s amazing!

Irene joined the DogVibes family just as her dog was having trouble. He was aware of the need for an application of this value and was fully involved in the project. She is the director of Digital Marketing, she takes care of the social networks and the blog. Is the one that gives us to know the world, positions us and interacts with you in our social networks. Thanks to it we can reach more people our work and help more and more owners and dogs to reinforce their bond. If you’ve met us on the internet it’s thanks to her:)

Marcos is Ruben’s brother. For many years he has lived closely the work of Ruben and Patricia and shared with them the love and respect for animals. He joined the project and is in charge of technological support, as well as providing ideas and work to the whole team. It’s an multi-tasking and it helps us in everything we need.

We all formed this DogVibes family. We are immersed in a madness of enthusiasm and initiative that makes us very happy. We hope that all our work and effort will be reflected in the results of your dogs, and that society begins to consider also the needs of our animals with initiatives like this.

And now that you know us… what are you waiting to train with your dog in DogVibes?

Behind the DogVibes project is a philosophy based on respect for animals and nature and the struggle for the preservation of the environment.

With all the initiatives and actions surrounding the project, we try to promote a social awareness of animals and a correct emotional education of our pets, based on positive reinforcement.

All the brands that collaborate or are advertised by DogVibes in their application comply with ethical and responsible bases for animals and the environment. DogVibes only works with brands that do not test their products in animals, that collaborate with fair and sustainable trade, and whose production does not imply environmental damage.

A petfriendly culture is also promoted, in which our animals can have one more place in our society and we can share with them conditioned spaces where to enjoy their freedom.

Adoption is another issue that tries to reflect DogVibes and which promotes responsible behavior and appropriate to the needs of the animal. Respect for animal rights implies the elimination of overcrowded breeding centers and the non-exploitation of animal species.

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